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Happy Feast Day, Saint Lucy!

Untitled_Artwork (3)I love it that Lucy means light. During this time of year when the days grow ever shorter we need as many celebrations of light as we can get. Advent wreaths, Christmas lights and this feast remind us that Christ is the light no darkness can dim.

Unfortunately, we don’t know a lot about Lucy. She was a brave woman who lived in Syracuse and died for her Christian faith early in the fourth century. She is often pictured holding a plate with eyes on it. There is a legend that Diocletian had her eyes torn out and God replaced them.  She is the patron saint of people with blindness and other eye ailments.

Saint Lucy, help me to cherish the light of Christ and share it with everyone I meet this season.

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Kathy Donlan teaches resource and special ed. CCD at St. Joseph Elementary School in Lincoln, NE. She is a wife and mother to three active boys. In her limited spare time she cartoons pictures of saints, writes about saints, reads about saints and plays video games.

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