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New Planner and a morning meditation upgrade

My parents got me this great filofax planner for Christmas (early)!  Thanks, Mom and Dad.

2014-11-15 12.55.46

It’s so cute and easy to customize.  Right now my prayer section is about twice as large as all other sections.  It has prayers I want to remember and room for notes.  There is even a pocket in the back for a rosary and a chaplet.

2014-11-15 12.52.43I like writing down my morning mediations.  Otherwise I tend to spend the 20 minutes before 6:00 snoozing and occasionally praying for a productive day.  I know what Therese said about a father loving his children even as they sleep, but I feel better starting the day after a good 20 minutes of Lectio Divina.  So I created these templates that I can print out before hand and fill in during meditation.


There are 5 Sections.

  1. Lectio – I write a scripture verse.
  2. Meditatio – I write what sticks out to me in the verse – themes, key words, character studies.  I sometimes consult my Navarre Bible for help with this part.
  3. Oratio – Usually step 2 will stir up feelings – penitence, supplication, praise.  I offer these as a prayer to Jesus.
  4. Contemplatio – I don’t write during this part, but stay still and listen.  Sometimes ideas that I hadn’t considered will well up, other times I just rest in God’s peace.
  5. Actio – I make a resolution for the day.

By the way, I didn’t come up with this method of prayer.  Lectio Divina goes back to Saint Benedict in the  6th century.  Others added to the method by giving the sections names.

lectio divina

I’m including the above template for anyone else who has a personal sized planner they would like to use for Lecito Divina.  I would love to know how you do your daily prayer.  Feel free to leave a description in the comments below.



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Kathy Donlan teaches resource and special ed. CCD at St. Joseph Elementary School in Lincoln, NE. She is a wife and mother to three active boys. In her limited spare time she cartoons pictures of saints, writes about saints, reads about saints and plays video games.

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