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Happy Birthday, John Bosco (I think?) and a Free eBook!

I’m reading through John Bosco’s memoirs while writing the next Simply Saints book.  In his memoirs, John Bosco states, “I was born on the feast of the Assumption of Mary (August 15th).”  But the baptismal record from his church shows that he was baptised on the 17th of August and born on the evening of the 16th. In John’s village, it was common to refer to everything happening around the Assumption as happening on that date.  They considered the Assumption a very important feast. So the baptismal record is probably technically correct, but the 15th of August is an important date for John Bosco fans and Christians in general.

In honor of John’s birthday, I’m going to offer the Simply Saints e-book, Catherine of Siena, free.  In order to cover my bases, you can download the book for free  beginning on August 15 all the way through the 17th.  The link to buy the kindle book is on the left side of this page, but you can always search for Kathy Donlan on Amazon.

If you haven’t read Simply Saints: Catherine of Siena this is the time.  You can read kindle books on a kindle or with a free app on an iPad or smart phone.

Now, here’s a little joke to get you ready for the assumption.  Sister Edith Marie, CK told me this one. Imagine a conversation between Saint Peter and Mary long after Jesus ascended into heaven.

Peter: So Mary, what do you think death will be like?

Mary: Well actually, Peter, I don’t think I’m going to die.  I think my Son will take me to heaven, body and soul.

Peter: Gee, that’s a pretty big ASSUMPTION on your part.

Groan! Sigh. I love it. Happy Assumption!  Happy Birthday, John Bosco! Enjoy your free book

Saint Catherine was very devoted to Mary. Here the Blessed Mother gives her Son in spiritual marriage to Catherine.

Mary featured prominently in Catherine’s spiritual marriage.


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