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Happy Feast Day, John the Baptist



John can be a difficult guy to understand, and this can make him tough to befriend.  We know that John is an important patron. Jesus said, “There is no greater man born of woman than John.” Still, when we think of the baptist we picture a rough man covered in camel skins, living a wild existance sustianed by LOCUSTS and honey.

In spite of his unique way of life, John’s pretty simple. The only thing he ever really did was prepare people to encounter Jesus. He helped those around him, repent of their sins and he baptised them as a sign of repentance. John lived in the desert eating and wearing what was available, so he could devote all his energy to his important mission. He didn’t ask anyone to imitate him in his austere life. In fact, his advice to others was pretty doable. To soldiers he said, “Rob no one by violence or false accusation, and be content with your wages.” He told tax collectors to take only what was due. You can find his advice in Luke 3:12-15.

John, for all your wild ways you were pretty clear about how to serve God.  Help me to do my work well and to show justice and charity to my neighbor. Level my valleys of sin and mountains of pride so I am ready to meet Jesus every day and especially when he comes to take me home.



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Kathy Donlan teaches resource and special ed. CCD at St. Joseph Elementary School in Lincoln, NE. She is a wife and mother to three active boys. In her limited spare time she cartoons pictures of saints, writes about saints, reads about saints and plays video games.

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